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Day of Mary F. Scranton
  • October 08, 2016

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My Life as a Christian
  • September 25, 2015

InterviewInterview with Scranton Scholar, Jovelie Reyno Rondon

April 17, 2017

(From left) Rev. Hea Sun Kim (Director of Scranton Women’s Leadership Center), Jovelie Reyno Rondon (Scranton Scholar), Rev. Hikari Kokai Chang (Director of Wesley Foundation)  Hello, everyone! I am Sienna Eunsoo Kang, an intern of Scranton Women's Leadership Center. I participated in 2017 Asian Young Women's Leadership Development held in Vietnam in February, where I met a friend who was a Scranton scholar! She has graduated from university, has grown into a powerful woman leader and has had a tremendous impact on where she is. I was so proud that she was a Scranton Scholar because the leadership she showed during the program was amazing! I wanted to listen more of her story with the thought that I would be impressed if I met other Scranton Scholars. So I had dinner with her before the end of the program and I traveled her life for a while. Can we go into that trip together? 1. Hello, Jovel! I’m Eunsoo Kang, intern of Scranton Women’s Leadership Center. Thank you very much for granting the interview and I am so glad we can have this time! Could you please introduce yourself?Hello! I am glad to introduce myself to other Scranton family. My name is Jovelie Reyno Rondon and I’m from Philippines.  My university was Harris Memorial College and I was Scranton scholar in 2014. I have been very thankful to Scranton Women’s Leadership Center because I was looking forward scholar when I applied in Harris Memorial College about this scholar. They who were in my college asked me apply to Scranton Scholarship and then Scranton Center gave me scholarship so I'm so thankful with them that they paid my senior year tuition fee.2. What was your feel when you receive the Scranton Scholarship?I felt so blessed because I was so hopeful the scholarship because I can graduate from my college this year. I am thankful that I found the Scranton Scholarship. I could maintain my grade at good and I am also having a special word and special mention. I am so glad that someone trust us like a Scranton so I realized we can do it. We are the best to payback as we were reward because we did it in best in study so I think that's a great things that we can do for Scranton just do are rest they can continue so far some soon that also so other student around the world.  3. Then, What is your change in your life after receive the Scranton Scholarship?At that time I don't have any scholarship so I felt so sad and really concerned because my family couldn’t support me anymore. But at that time, my teacher told me you can apply in here, Scranton. When I heard the Scranton scholarship that is the supporting women I felt so glad because my hope regained again, gave me hope more again to go to continue the things I started it in my patient. Therefore, it was change in my life and it reminded me that Scranton support me and I need to support someone as payback when they study they can continue and still have hope for education. It is one of the gracious things so I super thankful for Scranton because they are the one who trusted me and gave me the enough money so that it can help me to graduate on my university!4. What is your these days life?I graduated Harrison Memorial College. Now, I am in preschool teacher from Monday to Friday and I teach the preschoolers and then Saturday and Sunday I work in church staying a church teaching quire, playing the organ for the church service and also I'm holding the children ministry and youth ministry in my church.  I am so grateful because I finished my study and now my life is used to by the church. I am so blessed to be in deaconess service in church service so I serve God and I need to share the one love of God to others. 5. It is very touching to hear the scholar's story like this. Especially, the energy of gratitude and joy you say is so good! So I am really looking forward to your future. What are your vision, goal and dream as a woman leader in the future?After some now I take the master degree and I plan to continue if God support me to learns for doctorate because I want to get higher education for becoming more active so that if I can receive the education I can help part things of the education tool with others so that can share the knowledge, especially it will be able to more for the women. Mostly I want my future in my life will be at the power and for women. Also I continue the ministry in my church and give someone opportunity to experience this kind of leadership so we can help a lack of woman to become more effective and be blessed. We have this kind of things and we are in power that we can do!6. Wow, thank you very much for giving the time and interview! I was happy to hear your story and it has been a lot of excitement to me. I think it would be enough for other Scranton scholars! Finally, if there is something you would like to say to other scholars to see this interview, would you please?Yes, I’m very thankful to Scranton and you. It was a great time for me and thank again for allowing me this opportunity. One of the great chances to study and strive is when someone will help you and believe in you to pursue your dream. Scranton scholarship is one who helps me to attain that dream in finishing my College degree. So I can say that because they believe in the ability of their scholars they help us to dream dreams. Being a woman young leader is not that easy but I know that when you believe to someone, you uplift there life and you make their life. And that's so awesome for the glory of God.Has her story been a strength and encourage for you? She was running for her dreams and a hopeful future even though she had a difficult situation. I believe that Jovel is not only in the Philippines but also in this time around the world. Scranton Scholars! You are so beautiful beings. We believe that you are the women leaders who will move the world in the future. For the day when this earth can be more peaceful and smile, let's go together! 

AdvocacyBehind Every Smile

April 11, 2017

Hello, I’m Benita Andriany Baktie and I’m Indonesian. I’m still studying in Maranatha Christian University, Bandung. Nice to meet you and thank God because of His honour we could communicate each other and take part of this campaign.I’m blessed with great family. And God has been so good blessing me with a family especially my mother. She always show me everything, love, life, things that I should know. Work hard for us for the best and never complain. She always push me to be the best as I’m in college and need to study aboard with the intention to pursue my dream. Sometimes, I’m being too busy and indulge myself in activites that I forget to ring my family, especially my mother. Thus, I often end up making her worried. More often than not, I misbehaved and being out and character, and yet she always forgive me. I want to apologize for being ignorant up until now from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for always being by my side and helping me all the time. Despite the fact that I may be redeemed ungrateful, but you mean everything to me and I will always be grateful for having you as my mother. This is my inspiration and motivation. 


April 11, 2017

My name is Nguyen Thi Thuy Dao, from Vietnam. I am a Ph.D. student in Assumption University in Thailand, and a scholar of the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia. I have become a member of the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center since August, 2016 and since then I have chances to pay attention to the gender issues, women’s rights and other stories related to girls and women who have suffered from unfair behaviors from some social preconceptions and their positively strong reactions which lead to independence, freedom and happiness.This is a picture of my daughter who is almost 8 years old. As other girls, she deserves to be loved and to receive good care from parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers and friends. If all girls had enough care and gently right behaviors from adults, they would have their childhood full of good memories which become premise for the substantial growth and physical and mental development. But in reality, it is sad to say that, in my home country, there has been more and more news about the violence, child abuse, and even sexual abuse on girls in some regions in the countryside. They are guilty acts which need to be fiercely condemned, strongly punished and adequately penalized. It is hoped that once girls are cared and looked after well, they will become good servants for the society and will make their great contribution to country strength and peacefulness of the country. So, let us keep their smiles be always in their life. 


April 10, 2017

Hello! I am Naw Say Say Paw, graduated student from Liberal Arts Program at Myanmar Institute of Theology.I was proud to be a Scranton scholar from your Scranton Center. I was a blessed woman by the LORD and I will never forget the memory that participated in the SSLP 2016, Seoul, Korea.I believe that "Mom" is a great person for all of us so this poem is dedicated to all " Mom"  on this whole world for all of us. 


April 10, 2017

Hello, my name is Vanessa. I'm a student of English Literature in Maranatha Christian University in Bandung, Indonesia. I'm on the 6th semester now. I also worked in my aunt's salon since 6years ago. This poem is actually my situation now. Everything seems to be bad. No one can be told about my situation. But only this poem which will be my witness of my feelings. My mom is sick. She fell down and her left-bone-hand was broken. She can’t do anything with her left-hand, such as: cooking, washing dirty plates, etc.Honestly, I’m in bad situation now. My job as an employee in my aunt’s salon is getting worse. I have no motivation to work there, because there are so many things which make me tired, and everything besides that also seems to be bad so I lost my motivation, hope and my desire to do anything.But, when I see my mom smiling even she is sick, I know that she always prays for me. Her life depends on me. Suddenly, my mind's changed. I should still work for them, especially for my mom. There’s a person (usually I called, my angel) who always prays for me. She never gets tired in supporting me. Eventhough she is weak now, she is the one who can always rises me up. Her smile and pray, which make me strong now. That's why this poem is related to women. In my "darkness", I have no one to tell about, then my angel comes. She changes everything becomes "sunny", even when her sickness gets into her. In my daily life, I can see that she is wonder woman. In her sickness, she still can give me motivation to still work for her and to make her happy and proud of me. And this poem, especially I presented for her.For me, my mom is my angel and she is my motivation, my power, and my strength. Without her, I don't believe that I would be as who I am now. :) I Love you, Mom!  

AdvocacyThe Beauty of a Woman

April 07, 2017

Hello, I am Aiko Canales Eugenio from Philippines and would like to introduce this poem.I am always reminded of this poem. I praise God because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, His works are wonderful.I am created in the image of God, and God doesn't make trash! Every person is unique. No two are the same. God sees us as a masterpiece and when you look in the mirror, He wants you to know that full well.Nowadays, the world focuses on what people look like on the outside. Always remember that God focuses on what people look like on the inside. Do you put more time and effort into being pretty on the outside or the inside? As you get older, you will meet girls who spend more time trying to find the perfect outfit, find the perfect lip gloss and make-ups, and have the perfect body. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty, we need to make sure it's in balance. God wants us to be gorgeous on the inside the one that help others and who talks to Him on a regular basis prayer and reads His word in the Bible.  


April 07, 2017

This is Kristine Joy Martinez, and this is my work for the womens campaign.I strongly agree with the saying that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"We are given two eyes so that what we can see on the other side is what we can also see on the other side. This is equality. Our eyes, even though they are located on a different side, the left and the right, they have the same view. Again, this is equality. Different gender, one body, two eyes-This is equality. The first letter of every stanza corresponds to the acronym,SHE IS THE ONE. She should be respected.She is Women.Therefore, Women should be respected.Just like the movie line, "Pain demands to be felt", We as a woman, demands to be felt too in todays society.  


April 07, 2017

I am Rafiya Muhammed from India. I was a Scranton scholar during 2013 - 2015, and am thankful to the center for your constant support given to me. I was one of the 30 Scranton Scholars participated in SSLP 2016, in Seoul, Korea. I am Working as a Guest faculty at Union Christian College, Aluva. Along with it I am giving youngsters training in Communication skills in English and Information technology as a part of a Government program conducted in my State.I am impressed by the center for its activity in women empowerment. Another person who made me think about women empowerment is my mother and this poem is dedicated to her. 

AdvocacyIncredible Spirit!

April 06, 2017

I am Gayathri, a student of Union Christian college completing undergraduate degree in Economics. I think it's important for women to be a part of the socio-economic-cultural realms and embrace their own capabilities. Organisations like Scranton center mould young women into future leaders. I am glad to be part of this group and I would like to take up a profession where significant changes could be made and implemented.The inspiration of my poem is my mother. She has always been an energizing spirit in my life, making me think more about women's rights, freedom and motivating me to lead an independent life. 'Incredible spirit' is one written out to every woman across the world,who are solely fighting for a better world. 

AdvocacyWhere I Am From

April 06, 2017

Hello everyone, I am Ruth Kause and I am Scranton Scholar from Indonesia. In this poem I would like to describe how grateful I am to have her as my mother. I do realized that we are not in a perfect mother-daughter relationship, yet every day at some point there are times that I could not draw in words how I feel like I am beyond blessed. She is not a perfect mother; however I can tell that she is always the best. She inspired me to be a great mom. She has been my biggest supporter in all the things I have done, in that way I always feel stronger for her prayer is never stop, and that is my strength. I could face anything ahead because I believe that God loves us. I do hope that we can always respect and love our mother for there is no one can change her role and position in our life. We will not see this beautiful world without our mother. Finally we should always remember where we all are from. Thank you.